Pellet Burn-Back

   Definition: The pellets continue to burn up into the auger and possibly into the hopper box, after the grill has been shut down/off.

Cause: 1. Pellets are not all made the same. The lower quality pellets will break down and become “dusty”, causing them to easily ignite moving up into the auger.

Cause:  2. Pellets have been left in the grill for an extended period of time. The pellets have begun to break apart. The particles will easily ignite, moving up into the auger and could potentially ignite into the hopper.  



1. Clean the pellets out of your grill from time to time, thoroughly cleaning out the fire pot, auger and hopper box.

2. a. Turn the “P” setting to 7.

    b. Turn the temperature to the lowest setting.

    c. Allow the grill to cool for several minutes.

    d. Turn off the grill and unplug the grill from the wall.

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