Note: we recommend using Lump Charcoal because they contain no additives or fillers. This makes for more efficient burning, less ash than charcoal briquettes and much better tasting food.

Make a pyramid of Lump Charcoal in the center of the fire grate 1.5—2 lbs. Lump Charcoal (about the weight of two 12 oz sodas.) Light using fire starters or a charcoal chimney starter. WE RECOMMEND NOT TO USE LIGHTER FLUIDS. Leave LID open until the coals are lit and there is no black smoke coming from the coals, Smoke should be clear/white and there should be no flames coming off the coals. Starter sticks (we recommend starter sticks with no kerosene, fats, or scents) should be completely burned before you begin cooking. Adjust dampers to control temperature. More air flow means more heat.

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