Care and Maintenance of Cooking Grates


• Before cooking or seasoning Cast Iron Grates, you may or may not heat the grates at    

  200° to melt the protective oil coating, if one exists, because the coating is not 

 harmful and the grates can be seasoned over the coating.

• When seasoned properly, cast iron will not stick and cleans easily.

• To season, coat all surfaces with vegetable oil (bacon or bacon drippings preferred)  

 and place grates in grill at 300° for 2 hours. Recoat and return to grill at 200° for 1hr.

• Once seasoned, grates cook well and improve with age. After seasoning, grates may  

 have a waxy, yellow finish, but with use, they will become black and flavor enhanced.

• Due to improper care, grates lose their seasoning and rust. If so, brush & re-season.


• Remove excess food with wire brush. Lightly coat with vegetable oil.

 DO NOT put in dish washer, as it will remove the seasoning.

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