Side Fire Box - Spacer Tubes

There are three sets of Spacer Tubes. The side firebox comes with the spacer tubes for 2121, 2222, 1224, and 2123. 

  •  Outlaw grill, (Model 2137) you need spacer tubes, part number 550070 - 2' hex bolt 500024
  •  Grillin’ Pro, (Model 3001)  you need spacer tubes, part number 550072. No extra bolt needed.
  • Duo Grill, Model 5050), and the original spacer tubes were too long, you need spacer tubes, 4 of part number 550072.  No extra bolt should be needed.
  • Duo 2-Burner Grill, (Model 5030), you need spacer tubes, part number 550071 and 501011 2 1/4" hex bolts.  Thread the bolt through the leg brace side into the side firebox.
  • Double Play & Dual Fuction Grill, (Models 5650 and 5072) you need spacer tubes 550071 and hex bolt 501011(2.25")

  Please call our Customer Service Center at 912-638-4724 if you have any model other than the 2121,2222,1224, and 2123. Any of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you with sending out the correct spacers. Please have your serial number handy. 

Another cause of this issue is if the knockout damper plate between the endplate on the grill and the firebox was not removed. If this is the case, break out the plate and re-install the Fire Box.


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