Side Fire Box- How much Charcoal?

It is amazing to see how many customers are opting to add the favor of SMOKING to their Barbeque prowess! Whether it’s used as a portable grill or side firebox, the grill is a relatively small confined area. It takes very little fuel to heat that grill up. When used for smoking, we want low and slow to keep that meat moist and tender. Most recipes call for 180 - 225 degrees. You only need about 15 briquettes or one-half (1/2) pound of lump charcoal. We in customer service know folks love the flavor of woods when they’re smoking! Just remember wood is dense and burns much hotter than charcoal. If you love the flavor of smoking with wood, try using wood chips. We recommend soaking them in water overnight, but at a minimum of one hour before using. Once the fire is glowing and ashed over, add one handful of water-soaked wood chips. You’ll get all that smoke and flavor with none of the heat!

We do not suggest going over the amount of 15 briquettes at any given time in the Side firebox. Cooking with amounts greater than this will have the potential of getting hot enough to cause damage to the body of the grill such as the finish and warping of the grill. 

(From the owners Manual):

  • Never exceed 400 because this will damage the finish and contribute to rust. Paint is not warrantied and will require touch up. This unit is not warrantied against rust. 
  • To start fire – stack 15 briquettes in pyramid and add a fire starter. Do not use lighter fluid or match light charcoal. Light coals in several places, close lid after briquettes ash over or _ gray, spread them out and start cooking. If one end burns faster, use tongs to move coals from one end to the other for even heat. 
  • Always follow charcoal manufacturers' instructions and warnings.
  • Use outdoors only on noncombustible surface - 15' away from wood and combustible material. 

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