The side fire box/tabletop grill has a limit of 15 briquettes that can be placed in at one time.  

If there are more than 15, the grill can overheat and cause paint to peel and bubble off of the top. 


To fix this issue, they will need to sand down the lid of the grill and repaint with a high heat resistant paint.

It can also be coated in vegetable oil to prevent rusting.

(From the Owners Manual)

uses but will slow over time. NEVER EXCEED 400 BECAUSE THIS WILL DAMAGE THE FINISH AND CONTRIBUTE TO RUST. PAINT IS NOT WARRANTED AND WILL REQUIRE TOUCH-UP. THIS UNIT IS NOT WARRANTED AGAINST RUST. 2. To START FIRE – stack 15 briquettes in pyramid and saturate with lighter fluid (DON’T USE GASOLINE). Light coals in several places, close lid after briquettes ash over or _ gray, spread them out and start cooking. If one end burns faster, use tongs to move coals from one end to the other for even heat. ALWAYS FOLLOW CHARCOAL AND LIGHTER FLUID MANUFACTURERS’ INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS. USE OUTDOORS ONLY ON NONCOMBUSTIBLE SURFACE – 15’ AWAY FROM WOOD AND COMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL

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