Care and Maintenance of Interior/Exterior

Gas Grills:

We genuinely care about our consumers and the life of our grills! LP, as liquid propane, is 270 times more compact than it is as a gas, which allows it to be easily transported and stored as a liquid until ready to use. Because it is a liquid, it causes condensation (moisture) in your grill. Moisture is the nemesis of raw metal. This is why it is so important to go through the entire seasoning process providing a protective coating to all the steel and cast iron parts to your grill. Keep in mind, Seasoning is not a one-time event but an on-going process. It will dissipate with time and use. To season your grill and grates:


  • Coat the interior hood, body, and cooking grates with 100% oil (Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil, Flax Seed Oil, or Shortening). 
  • Turn One burner on Medium heat until you get the grill to 350 degrees, then drop the one burner to Low.
  • Let it go for 45 minutes to an hour. Hint: until it's no longer smoking.
  • Allow the grill to cool enough to add another coating of oil.
  • Repeat this process two more times. You will clearly see that hard, shiny, protective coating.

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