This test will be needed to be performed PRIOR TO FIRST USE (as well as each time the grill is used) to ensure the proper function/safety of your grill!

  • Fill a spray bottle with water and few drops of soap.
  • Spray the solution to the outside of the entire length of the regulator hose and each connecting point.
  • Turn the gas on and watch for any bubbles to appear along the regulator hose and the points of connection.
  • If bubbles form at the connections tighten the connection and perform the test again
  • If bubbles appear, contact Char-Griller Customer Service at 912-638-4724, Email Service@Chargriller.com, or complete a Support Ticket through the Support Link you will find on the home page of www.Chargriller.com

Regulator Hose Assembly should be replaced every 18 months.

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