Care and Maintenance of Interior/Exterior

AKORN Kamado Kookers:


  •      A very important part of maintaining your grill is the frequent seasoning of all the metal surfaces of the grill. The grill is made of a bare metal that is not treated. To prevent rusting we recommend coating the grill with any type of oil that does not have water in the ingredients. For example, cooking oil, animal fat, shortening, or any kind of 100% vegetable oil.
  •      It is also important to remove any solid and liquid food debris. Debris can trap moisture and cause rust to form quickly.
  •      The Kamado Kooker lids are porcelain-coated. Grease and smoke can build up in the lid. This is called soot. It may look like there is paint peeling inside the lid, however, the inside is not painted. To remove this, please wipe out with a damp cloth or paper towel. This will need to be done frequently to prevent the buildup. 

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