1. Removes the two screws on the front of the Controller, top and bottom, that attach the Controller to

     the Hopper Box.


2. Carefully pull out the Controller from the Hopper Box.


3. Loosen the two screws that attach the Thermo-couple (Blue box with wires that goes to power) to the

 Controller then pull out the Thermo-couple wire.


4. Pull apart the Connectors that connect the Controller to the Power supply, Auger Motor, and Fan.


5.  Attach the Thermo-couple back to the New Controller.

     *NOTE* (It does not matter how the wires go back on the screws when putting on the new



6.  Push all the wires back into the Hopper Box then secure the New Controller back to the Hopper Box

     with two screws.

Please find attached the instructions for replacing the controller on our pellet grills.


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