(These instructions employ the “string‐method” to prevent unnecessarily removing the hopper box.)

1. Make sure that the grill is unplugged, and that there are no pellets in the

auger or firepot. The auger must be completely empty for this to work


2. Remove the control panel by unscrewing the two screws on its face and

pulling it out of the hopper box. Find the pigtail connection and wire for the

firerod, which will be purple in color. Disconnect it from the controller.

3. Inside the main body of the grill, remove the cooking grates, grease tray

and heat diffuser.

4. Remove the four bolts holding the firepot in place. Locate the opening the

firerod is affixed to in the bottom of the firepot. On the outside, unscrew the

small screw holding the firerod in place.

5. Tie twine to the end of the firerod you have just detached from the firepot.

Go back to the opening in the hopper box and gently pull the wire for the

fire rod until the end come through. Now you can untie the old firerod and

tie the twine to the new firerod.

6. Go back to the main grill and gently pull the string until the firerod comesthrough. Now you can screw the new firerod into the firepot, replace the

firepot and its bolts, and replace the heat diffuser, grease tray and cooking


7. Go back to the hopper box and reattach the connector from the new firerod

to its counterpart on the controller. Replace the control panel and screw it

in. Now you can plug the grill back in. We encourage you to perform a test

run before doing any actual cooking, to ensure that everything works


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