These instructions employ the “string‐method” to prevent removing the hopper box.

1. Make sure the grill is off and unplugged.

2. Remove the controller by unscrewing the two screws on its face. Pulling it

straight out and turning it to face you, the heat sensor is connected via two

small screws at the top right corner of the controller.

3. Once you have unscrewed the wire, tie twine to the end of the wire and go to

the main body of the grill.

4. Inside the grill, the heat sensor is on the right-hand side, affixed to a lip,

alongside your cooking grates. Unscrew the two screws attaching it to the lip.

You should now be able to slowly pull it out until the twine comes through the


5. Attach the twine from the opening to the end of the wire and go ahead and

insert the end of the wire into the opening.

6. Go back to the hopper box and slowly pull the twine through until the heat

sensor is in place. Make sure the metal at the base is in the hole, and go

ahead and replace the screws in the main grill body. Than you can attach the

other end to the controller and replace those screws as well.

7. Reattach the controller by replacing its two screws. Now you can plug the grill

back in. We encourage you to perform a test run before doing any actual

cooking, to ensure that everything works properly.

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