Care and Maintenance of Cooking Grates, Interior and Exterior of Grill.

Table Top/Side Fire Box:


Cast iron grates are used in Char-Griller Barrel grills. Cast iron cooking grates should be seasoned prior to first use.    

 After each use we recommend using a metal or wire grill brush to remove excess food materials from the grate.  A very important part of maintaining your grill is the frequent seasoning of all the metal surfaces of the grill. The grill is  made of a bare metal that is not treated.

Surface rust will occur, it is very important to keep the interior and grates coated with oil.  Surface rust is not covered under the manufacturers warranty.

To prevent rusting we recommend coating the grill with any type of oil that does not have water in the ingredients. For example, cooking oil, animal fat, shortening, or any kind of 100% vegetable oil.  It is also important to remove any solid and liquid food debris. Debris can trap moisture and cause rust to form quickly.

  • CURE GRILL prior to your initial use to protect the interior and exterior finish and to prevent unnatural flavors to your first meals. (A) Lightly coat ALL INTERIOR SURFACES (including GRILLS, GRATES, AND INSIDE OF BARREL.) with vegetable oil (spray vegetable oil is easiest but do not use near hot coals or fire). (B) Build a medium sized fire on the fire grate. (C) After coals ash over, spread out coals, replace cooking grates, close lid and heat at approximately 250 F for two hours. Re-coat GRATES and return to grill at approximately 200 F for two hours. You can lightly coat the exterior of the grill body (while warm) with vegetable oil. This will extend the life of the finish, much like waxing a car. Your GRILL will then be ready for use. NOTE: Grill will drip a lot of oil during this process and for several uses but will slow over time. NEVER EXCEED 400 BECAUSE THIS WILL DAMAGE THE FINISH AND CONTRIBUTE TO RUST. PAINT IS NOT WARRANTED AND WILL REQUIRE TOUCH-UP. THIS UNIT IS NOT WARRANTED AGAINST RUST.

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