• 1.      Make sure the propane tank is off and unscrew where the regulator attaches to the tank.
  • 2.      Turn all burners on high for 4 to 5 minutes to bleed out the lines from the propane left in the hose and manifold from prior use.  After this has been done, you will turn the knobs to the off position and remove them from the grill. (They just pop off if you pull towards you.) You will also want to unscrew the regulator from the back of the main grill. While you are down there, remove the sparker tip wires from the back of the pulse ignition kit.
  • 3.      To make the replacement easier, we recommend removing the grates and flame shields. Since the manifold and burner tubes meet together, you can either remove the burners and reattach once the new manifold is in place or leave them on there during assembly. Whichever is easier for you.
  • 4.      Inside the body, there are two screws on each side that attach the control panel. Remove these screws. This will remove the entire control panel, including the manifold and valve assembly.
  • 5.      Depending on your model, there should be two screws on the front of the panel where the knobs attached. You should have 6 screws in total. As you remove these screws, it will sperate the manifold from the control panel.
  • 6.      Once removed, screw the new manifold in and reattach your control panel to the body of the grill.
  • 7.      Place the knobs, burners (if removed), flame shields and grates back in place.
  • 8.      Plug the sparker tips back into the pulse ignition kit and reconnect your regulator and hose assembly to the grill and tank.
  • We also recommend following the procedure for a leak test on the regulator to make sure it is connected tightly. 

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