GAS MANIFOLD REPLACEMENT for Grill Models 3001, 3072, 5030, 5050, 5650, 5072, 93560

  •  Make sure the propane tank is off and unscrew where the regulator attaches to the tank.
  • Turn all burners on high for 4 to 5 minutes to bleed out the lines from the propane left in the Regulator Hose and Manifold from prior use.  
  • Turn the knobs to the off position and remove them from the grill. (They just pop off if you pull towards you.) 
  • Loosen the regulator hose connection at the point where the hose meets the Manifold under the front control panel. 
  • Remove the sparker tip wires from the back of the Pulse Ignition Kit.
  • Remove the Cooking Grates and Flame Shields to access the Manifold and Burner Tubes. 
  • Detach the Burner Tubes from the Manifold.
  • Remove the Front Control Panel by removing two screws from each side of the interior of the body. The Control Panel, Manifold, and Valve Assembly will come off in one piece.
  • Looking at the front on the Control Panel where the Control Knob Bezel is attached there are two screws on each side. Remove those screws. (This will separate the Manifold from the Control Panel.
  • Remove the old Manifold and replace it with the New Manifold. 
  • Reattach the screws through the Control Knob Bezel attaching the Manifold to the Front Control Panel
  • Attach the Manifold and Front Control Panel to the front of the body of the grill
  • Reattach the Burner Tubes to the Manifold
  • Replace the Flame Shields and Cooking Grates
  • Plug the Sparker Tips back into the Pulse Ignition Kit and reconnect the Regulator Hose Assembly to the Manifold and Gas Tank.
  • Do NOT turn the Gas on until you complete a leak test.

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