How to install a Pulse Ignition Kit 5050, 3001, 5072

For Models 3001 and 5050, the easiest way to replace the igniter:

* Unscrew the Push Button. Take it off, exposing the battery.
*Reach under the manifold to find the box of the Pulse Ignition Kit. Hold it.
* Unscrew the collar. Take if completely off.
* Allow the Pulse Ignition Box to slip down.
* Gently pull the sparker wires (2 short, 1 long) from the back of the Pulse Ignition Kit.
You've successfully removed the old Pulse Ignition Kit.
To Install the new Pulse Ignition Kit:
* Unscrew the Push Button. Set aside.
* Unscrew the collar. Set aside. 
* Plug the two short wires and the long wire into the back of the new Pulse Ignition Kit. Make sure they are seated well. 
* Thread the new Pulse Ignition Kit, the threaded portion from the underside of the control panel through the hole for the kit. 
* Drop the new AA battery into the Pulse Ignition Kit.
* Screw the collar back down on to the kit.
* Screw the Push Botton back down.
Mission Accomplished and HAPPY GRILLING!

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