How to Clean your Grill after regular use

It is important to the life of your grill to clean after every use.

Allow your grill to cool completely with the hood open to prevent trapping moisture inside. This may take several hours. 

1. Lift the ashpan out of the body of the grill.

2. Knock any ashes that did not fall into the ashpan from the fire grate. (If there are pieces of partially burned charcoal on the fire grate you can save them for next time. They are still good).

3. Carefully place remaining coals and ashes in a non-combustible metal container and saturate completely with water. Allow coals and water to remain in metal containers 24 hours prior to disposing of.

4. To clean the ashpan, once you have removed as much of the ash out of the bottom, tap the sides and bottom to loosen any remaining ashes. 

NOTE: Charcoal is porous and ashes will absorb moisture. NEVER leave charcoal/ashes in your grill. Leaving charcoal/ashes in the grill will reduce the life of your grill.

5. To clean Cast Iron Cooking Grates on your Charcoal Grill, there are several methods.

     * Wire brush: use a wire grill brush to remove any debris left on the grates.

     * Cut an onion in half, place cut side down, use a fork through the dome side and run over the cooking grates (this is better done while the cooking grates are still warm. Use caution.

6. After the grill is clean. Use 100% oil in a spray bottle, coat the interior hood, body, and cooking grates with oil. Use a paper towel to ensure you have an even coating of oil on all surfaces.

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