• Regular care and maintenance of your grill enhances the life of the product and your overall grilling experience. In order to provide the truest BBQ taste and better grilled flavor, we use uncoated interiors. An uncoated interior will rust if not properly maintained with a regular coating of cooking oil on all bare metal surfaces inside the grill. You can use either vegetable spray or liquid vegetable oil applied using a paper towel on a cooled grill.
  • First time use: A natural vegetable oil coating was applied inside your grill to protect it during shipping. Before your first use burn off the co­ating by heating the grill to 300° F and letting it burn for 15-mins.
  • Routine use: After each use remove excess grease and food materials from the grill. Be sure to empty and clean the ash tray, catch pan, and/or grease tray. To protect the grill from rust we recommend regularly coating any bare metal surfaces inside the grill with cooking oil.
  • Do not try to season a HOT grill with cooking oil (spray or liquid) as this can cause a fire. Do not use any chemicals or water inside the grill as this can cause damage or rust to these surfaces. Never put cooking grates or any part of your grill in the dishwasher.
  • Gas Grills:
  • CARE OF PORCELAIN-COATED GRATES: Porcelain-coated grates are used in our Gas and Pellet grills. Care for your grates by removing them from a cooled grill and wash with soap and water using a soft cloth. Dry the grates thoroughly to prevent moisture build up inside the unit. Do not clean porcelain-coated cooking grates with a metal or wire brush as this can damage the finish, cause it to crack and chip, and eventually lead to rust.
  • INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR OF THE GRILL: A very important part of maintaining your grill is the frequent seasoning of all the metal surfaces of the grill. The grill is made of a bare metal that is not treated. To prevent rusting, we recommend coating the grill with any type of oil that does not have water in the ingredients. For example, cooking oil, animal fat, shortening, or any kind of 100% vegetable oil. It is also important to remove any solid and liquid food debris. Debris can trap moisture and cause rust to form quickly.

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