1. Reach under the control panel and gently pull the Sparker Wires from the back of the Pulse Ignition Kit.

2. Unscrew the Igniter Push Button

Note: Before you unscrew the collar, place your hand under the control panel to hold the Pulse Ignition box, preventing it from falling.

3. Unscrew the Collar just below the Igniter Push Button

4. Once the Collar is removed the Pulse Ignition Kit will drop out.

5. Plug the Sparker Tip Wires into the NEW Pulse Ignition Kit

6. Push the threaded portion of the NEW Pulse Ignition Kit through the hole in the Control Panel from

  the just under the Control Panel

7. Screw the Collar onto the New Igniter

8. Drop a “AA” Battery, Positive side up into the Pulse Ignition Kit

9. Screw the Push Button back in place.

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