• Seasoning is the process of treating a metal cooking surface with a non-stick coating formed from bonding fat or oil to the surface with high heat. 
    • This step is essential to prepare raw steel or cast-iron cookware for use. 
    • There are two main reasons for seasoning: 
      • To coat the cookware to prevent rust  
      • To create a natural, permanent non-stick cooking surface

1. Ensure the griddle surface is clean and completely dry. 

2. Light the gas burners and allow the surface of the griddle to heat up (MED-HI). 

3. After griddle has heated up, carefully apply a generous, even coating of food-grade cooking oil (vegetable, olive, flaxseed, etc.) to the griddle surface. (Flaxseed works the best but olive oil or vegetable will also work) Don' forget to do the sides of the griddle top also.

4. Use a paper towel and tongs to spread the oil evenly across and thinly coat the entire cooking surface of the griddle. 

5. When the coated surface begins to lightly smoke, turn off the burners and allow the griddle to cool down naturally. 

6. Do this process at least 6 times until you see a black shiny coating on the grill top.

How to Clean Your Griddle:

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