Here are the instructions for replacing the ignitor. 
1. Make sure the grill is off, tank is off, and the regulator is unscrewed from the tank.
2. Remove both side shelves and the four bolts in step 4A of the manual. This will release the control panel where you have access to the ignition kit.
3. Unplug the wires from the box by pulling them directly out. 
4. The ignition kit is removed by unscrewing the push button on the front of the control panel. Behind the button is a black washer that holds the box to the panel. 
5. While holding the ignitor box, unscrew this washer to release the ignition kit. 
6. Remove the button and washer from the new ignitor and attach it to the control panel using the washer. Attach the wires back (doesn't matter what order they are in). 
7. Reattach the control panel to the body and put the shelves back on.
8. Put an AA battery in the ignitor and screw on the button and you should be all set to connect the regulator hose to the tank and perform a leak test.

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